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"My education includes lots of schooling.
But no one taught me about the emotional part."

Most parents, therapists, teachers & consultants say this

Is this true for you? 

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Emotional Development 101
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It's horrible to feel lost at sea, struggling with the emotional part of yourself or someone else.  You try to get a handle on what's going on, and instead seem to be reaching into a cloud where there's nothing to hold on to.

It's a feeling  we've all had to deal with.

Instead, what if you were holding a complete map of this emotional landscape  - one that applies to your own personal life as well as every other human being, whether life partner, friend, co-worker, child, parent, student or client. You now are able to identify:

*which emotional task needs to be carried out to thrive;
*how the e
motional brain is operating and how to work with it;
*how to relate to yourself and others so you're
emotionally nourishing and sustaining vs. toxic;
 emotional life as an adult needs to be the same as childhood and what different; 
ow an “emotional DNA” code impacts emotional life and what to do about it; 
 emotional 'nature' humans are born with and how to nurture it;
 to relate in a “joining with” way and when to create boundaries.  

You can use this crucial information to

  • feel better about yourself,  
  • improve your relationships  
  • become a better parent to yourself, your children or grandchildren  
  • boost your emotional health  
  • expand your emotional life skills  
  • even understand your own and others’ needs and motivations.  

You will become someone who has also done so: a parent becoming more capable,  a counselor more effective assisting  clients' emotional growth, a student  learning more easily, an educator supporting your students to learn more easily, an adults  experiencing more emotional well-being and satisfaction in relationships.  It's all in this 10-hour online training.

Each class is personally taught by Pamela Levin, Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst Emeritus.  She developed this material and has presented it to professional and lay audiences around the world for 50 years. For her accomplishment her peers in 72 countries around the world voted her the prestigious   Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award.

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"Pam Levin's leading-edge work is the foundation for Homecoming's Inner Child material and provides the most advanced, effective and compassionate structure available for Inner Child healing."

— John Bradshaw, author of the international best seller, Homecoming

A Personal Invitation...

I'm delighted offer you this 10-hour training that unravels the mysteries of how our emotional lives work. It'sground-breaking, paradigm-shattering information gleaned from nearly 50 years of clinical research and 75 years of life experience.

These sessions are all about learning how to decode emotional needs and signals. It's a process that leads you to answers for many key life questions—about who you are, how you’re made, what motivates you, and how you can create emotional satisfaction in all the various facets of your life.

Emotional challenges in life are unavoidable (sorry!), every life has them. What we need to do is to maintain a healthy emotional core so we stay balanced and get through them without being defeated.

That’s what I’ve learned to do, as over the years I’ve either faced or helped my clients face just about every emotional challenge life can throw our way: death of loved ones, job loss, emotional and physical abuse, abandonment, war stresses, depression, failure to meet personal goals, financial hardships, single parenting, physical illnesses … the list goes on.

After graduating from the University of Illinois College of Nursing and working in clinics and hospitals, I had the good fortune to meet Eric Berne, MD, psychiatrist and founder of Transactional Analysis. TA  is about what goes on between people. I was fascinated and incredulous that Eric was developing objective information that could make sense of relationships. I began studying TA with him in 1966, becoming the first nurse and the first woman to achieve Clinical Membership, and two years later, Teaching Membership, the highest rank.

At that time Eric wanted to know how people develop scripts--life plans made in childhood and carried out outside of awareness in adulthood. I thought that first we had to understand how people develop, and then, how we develop scripts, which is how emotional development became the focus of my life work. As I shared what I was learning—first with my clients, then in workshops, lectures and finally, professional trainings around the world—people everywhere affirmed the power of the material I was presenting. In Villars, Switzerland, members of the International TA Association from 72 countries voted that this work receive the prestigious Eric Berne Award. Now, people in the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Japan and more let me know how significant this information has been for them and how they’re using it in their life and work.

“I read for myself. Now I’m going to teach it to my psychology class.”
— Reader, Malibu, California
“We use this material for the Parent-Child Resource Centre, which offers women a community of support that includes workshops on parenting and topics of interest to women…”
— Program Coordinator for Salvation Army Family Services, Canada
“I’m researching how to apply this information to working with mentally handicapped adults for my degree at the University of Frankfurt.“
— Health professional, Griesheim, Germany
“I am going to suggest this as a must for my students.”
— University Psychology instructor, Ontario, Canada

The classes make the same award-winning, life-transforming insights available to you in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Here’s Some of What You'll Learned, Outlined Here:

You'll discover the various aspects of your emotional life along with the positive steps you can use to strengthen each part of your emotional self - the same elements you share with every other child and adult.

Class Descriptions  
Class One:
What is Emotional Development?
  Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Development
  • How These Fundamental Truths Were Unmasked  
  • How They Contrast with Conventional Views (Freud/ Erickson/ Levinson-Sheehey)  
  • The Cycle of Emotional Life and its Phases  
  • The Role of Relationships in Emotional Development  
  • Your “Emotional DNA” Code and How You Compose It. 
"I picked up several nuggets from this one class. . . I got my hour's worth!"
—Artist, husband, father of three, US, after the first class.

Class Two:
You and I Are One

  • Presence: Showing Up for Life  
  • Needs/ Feelings  
  • Your Brain Stem and Your Physical Survival Systems  
  • Trust/ Dependency  
  • Bonding and Connection  
  • Building Basic Adequacy and Okayness  
  • What’s Nourishing or Toxic to Your Fundamental Emotional Being  
  • Skill-Building 

Class Three:
We’re Still One But It’s a Big World Out There

  • Motivation  
  • Your Sensory and Motor Systems  
  • Exploration, Variety and Tagging-In  
  • Parallel Play  
  • Basic Emotional Needs and Activity  
  • Random and Goal Oriented Action  
  • What’s Nourishing or Toxic to Your Sensory-Motor Self  
  • Skill-Building  

Class Four:
You and I Are Separate

  • Separation, Independence and Boundary-Making  
  • Cause and Effect  
  • Reality Testing  
  • Taking Responsibility  
  • The Basic Social Contract  
  • Deciding to Think  
  • What’s Nourishing or Toxic to Your Budding Independence  
  • Skill-Building 
" Your presentation in the class is quite clear and thorough. I very much appreciate your delivery and "take" on expression of the concepts. Your pace and restatement are well-placed, in my opinion!"
 Therapist, Oregon

Class Five:
Who Am I, Who Are All These Other People and Where Do I Fit?

  • Forging and Updating Your Identity  
  • The Role of Your Social Network and Your Place in It  
  • Uniting Your Sensory-Motor Self with Your Thinking-Remembering Self  
  • Testing Personal Power  
  • Gender and Sexual Identity/ Fantasy and Reality  
  • Actions Have Consequences  
  • What’s Nourishing or Toxic to Your Emerging Social Self  
  • Skill-Building 

Class Six:
Given Who I Am, How Do I Make My Way in This Tribe?

  • Developing Skills Based on Identity  
  • Skills for Your World As You Know It  
  • Morals, Manners and Values  
  • Sample Structure Messages  
  • Excluding, Arguing and Hassling  
  • Making Not-Ok to Get To OK  
  • What’s Nourishing or Toxic to Your Personal Technology  
  • Skill-Building 

Class Seven:
Regeneration: Integrating Yourself, Reproducing Your People

  • Bridging Childhood and Adult Life  
  • The Purpose of Revisiting Previous Themes and Issues  
  • Developing Your Sexual Self  
  • Pre-Flight: Testing Consequences  
  • Separating from Parents and Mentors  
  • Becoming Self-Responsible  
  • What’s Nourishing or Toxic to Your Sexual Maturity and Self-Responsibility.  
  • Skill-Building 
" ... quite rich. . . like a banquet every week that lasts more than a week."
 Wife, mother, author and book publishing coach, US

Class Eight:
Connected, Separate, and Independent, Or Am I?
  • Establishing Your Grown-Up Self  
  • Continuing Your Fundamental Process  
  • Your Emotional Code in Action  
  • Pain and Gain  
  • Learning to Steer Your Ship of Life  
  • Skill-Building 

Class Nine:

  • Your Questions and Comments Addressed 

Class Ten:

  • Your Requests  
  • How to Take Charge of the Three Basic Patterns of Emotional Relating  
  • Addressing Trouble Spots  
  • Application to Your Life and Work  
  • Resources Available to You
"Thanks for an incredible experience. . . I want to make Emotional Development a household word. . ."


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How it Works

Immediately after you register, you’ll receive confirmation via email,with full instructions to start your first class immediately - from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office, free of travel expenses. You’ll save time, save money, prevent hassle and learn in a way that’s accessible and convenient, in the familiarity of your own environment.

(Special Note: if you are currently in Advanced Training in the International Transactional Analysis Association, you can get a certificate for 10 hours’ training.
You can also get this certificate if you would like it for any other reason.)

Pam will gather your questions as you send them and answer them in Class Nine. (After you register, you’ll receive an email telling you where to send them). Please do submit any questions you need answered to understand the material. (Sorry, questions about your own unqiue emotional history/issues are not part of the class.)

Free Study Guide

Prior to each class, you will receive the link to access the Study Guide so you can print it & use to take notes if you like. Don't worry if the time you receive access to each class is problematic. You can pick any time to listen that works for you. 

Designed to Support You Emotionally… Even As You Learn about Emotions!

This class is all about emotional well-being, including how you experience it: You won't have to attend a physical seminar that requires you rearrange your schedule and to travel (involving cost and time), secure lodging, meals, etc. Instead you will learn about emotional development and get credit from the comfort and privacy of your own home, on your own schedule, saving you much time, money, energy and stress!

Note: Even if you've read The Cycle of Life or Cycles of Power, the classes will allow you to delve much deeper than you can just by reading. Plus they provide you with a better opportunity to digest and integrate it.

"What a wonderful course. . . I could never equate money to what you've given us. . . already my life has been enriched. . . I feel very privileged to have been on this course and will thoroughly recommend it to everyone I know."

— 2nd year Transactional Analysis student, UK

How much does it cost?

To attend a full, 10 hour course like this, taught by the expert who discovered it, could easily cost you over $500 just to register. Then you'd have to add several hundred dollars for travel, lodging, meals—not to mention the time out of your daily schedule and the hassle of making travel arrangements, etc. That could well add up to be close to $1000!

However,  this 10-week course (Ten One-Hour Trainings)  costs only $347 with no travel expenses.  And your optional certification, should you desire it, is $50.

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Typically the only way you could get this kind of valuable education would be by attending a live seminar, with all the attendant high expenses for registration, travel, meals, lodging, etc. Now, however, with the technology available, you can learn all this for a fraction of what you'd pay for a live event. When you compare the value of what you're getting to what you're paying, it's clear that this is very affordable.

What Others are Saying About This Information*
*Responses refer to the two books upon which this course expands,
The Cycle of Life and Cycles of Power

“I am in Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and have been in Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families, Alakid and Overeaters Anonymous. Your book told me what I was covering with all these addictions.”
— Reader, Minnesota

“This material is invaluable in my work…”
— Drug abuse counselor, New York

“Now that I know I’m not supposed to outgrow what I needed as a child, I can finally feel normal!”
— Graphics Designer, California

“I didn’t realize there were stages in parenting as well as in the children being raised, and especially that they are the same stages! Fantastic! My parenting skills have now improved and I’m also much more relaxed. Thank you.”
— Parent, Seattle, Washington, USA

“… a joy to read and reread this marvelous book [referring to The Cycle of Life, upon which this course expands].”
— Editor, Child Care Resources, Ohio

“My therapist gave me this information two years ago, and it still brings insights.”
— Client, Batavia, New York

“I found your words very inspiring, and although new concepts to me, very familiar. What I’d been feeling inside was put into words. Thank you.”
— 21-year-old first-time mother, 8 months pregnant

“People in retirement communities love Cycles of Power. They intuitively understand the childhood of old age, and use the tools to go ahead and do what they need to do, to meet their needs and separate from their families at the end of life.”
— Geriatric counselor, Scottsdale, Arizona

“I am a movement therapist and use this material to strengthen cognitive understanding and skills in the area of development.”
— Massage practitioner, Clinton ,WA

“This is a new bible to me… please send a few more copies, one of which is for my brother’s birthday…”
— Reader, Victoria, B.C.

“I learned so much after reading Cycles of Power, including that I have more work to complete and how not to repeat the problems I have with my daughter. Thanks so much.”
— Reader, Baton Rouge, LA

“I graduated from university with an A average in Psychology and Philosophy and a minor in Drama. With all that mind work, I didn’t learn a thing. My [Inner] child was searching for me. You gave me the key. I have begun to open some doors. My heart is full. My child smiles and cries. I exist. Thank you.”
— Reader, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

“Your book was the perfect healing tool following my divorce. I only wish I’d known before.”
— Reader, Illinois

“I want to use this information in a class I’m teaching for codependents and adult children of dysfunctional families, and later in a class for nurses, and also on health, healing and wholeness.”
— R.N. from Kansas City, MO

“We are writing for permission to use this material in our book on training psychotherapists....”
— Coauthors, London, England

“I am using this material for a research paper required for my Psychology of Family course.”
— Advanced degree student, Mill Valley, CA

“Can you refer me to a Masters’ or PhD program based on this information? My career goal is to apply this material to working with parents and children in both educational and therapeutic settings…”
— University student and mother, Kronberg, Germany

“I use this material in my work with ACA’s and with victims of sexual abuse because they are totally ignorant of what good parents do. It has a wonderful, 'melting effect' with them.”
— Clinical Psychologist, Taylor, Missouri

“Cycles is one of two books that are required reading in my training groups”
— Southeast Institute President, Chapel Hill, N.C.

“This is an incredible resource… for individuals and groups."
— Editor, Common Ground of Hawaii

“… an exciting addition to the literature… can be read at different depths… reveals a philosophic insistence that hope is always alive and a better life is possible for each human being.”
— Author and founder of Mothers, Fathers and Others Who Care About Children.

“ I’ve not found any material written that makes such clear distinctions between the current developmental tasks of adult life and unfinished business from previous stages.”
— Supervisor of Graduate Programs in Buddhist Psychology, Naropa University

“Cycles offers parents of mentally retarded children ways to understand and apply normal stages to their offspring as they attain comparable mental ages.”
— Director, Timpany Center for Special Education, Office of the Santa Clara County Superintendent of Schools, California

“Brain injured people go back to ground zero, a prenatal state. Cycles describes how to take them through the stages of childhood so they can redevelop. This book is basic; it’s the bottom line and should be used as key material for all the human services people, for in-service training and in medical schools.”
— Therapist for brain-injured people, Kansas City, MO

“As a classroom teacher, Cycles provides me with concrete ways to support and build self-esteem in my students.”
— Teacher, San Antonio, Texas.

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