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Affiliate Email Model Example 1

Dear ( name),

(Today, tomorrow, Weds. [choose time} my [friend, colleague] Pamela Levin is opening enrollment for  her Emotional Development 101 course.

If you want to have better relationships and a better emotional life, I highly recommend this program.

Enroll in Emotional Development 101 through my affiliate link below and get two bonuses which will help you feel better about yourself, understand how you're made and how to create the emotional life you desire.

(Use this link to enroll in Emotional Development 101 )

Bonus #1 - Want (describe benefit from receiving bonus)? [Add a short paragraph starting with "You'll get..." and describe the bonus. Examples might include a free eBook that otherwise they would have to pay for, a free consultation with you, a complimentary ad in your newsletter, a short guest lecture for their program/organization/ group.  Or a discount on a program you offer.

Bonus #2 - Get (describe benefit of this bonus).  [Add short paragraph as above].

If applicable, include:

This series sells separately for (name regular price or price range) but you may purchase it (name limited time frame) for only [name promotional price].

Here's what to do to get these bonuses:

Step 1 - Be sure to enroll via my affiliate link [insesrt your affiliate link here] starting (insert date and time, for example, 'starting now' at (hour of the day, time zone), otherwise I can't give you the bonuses.

Step 2 - Email us your receipt for Emotional Development 101 to (insert email address for where to send receipt).  As soon as Pam's guarantee period is over, we'll be in touch with the details on redeeming your bonuses.

Again, to receive these two great bonuses use this link to enroll starting (repeat time as above).

Use this link to enroll in Emotional Development 101 (insert link here).


All the best,

[Your name]

If you purchase anything through a link in this email to another company's website, you should assume that we will be paid in some way.  At the same time know that we are very selective about the resources we offer you and only promote products and services we believe to be of top quality and truly useful to you.

[Insert your contact information]

(Note:  Thanks to Steve Harrison, Bradley Communications, for parts of this model)