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Affiliate Email Model Example 2

(Note: Diane generously consented to allow her promotional email for
Emotional Development 101 to appear here as a model others can follow.
slanted and "framed" the content for her list.
You should do the same.)

Subject line:
Becoming a grownup, and Vinny update ...


Hi  (person's first name here),

Today a conversation with someone made me realize
that not everyone knows knows how to be an adult.
Just because chronologically we're 21 or older,
doesn't mean we understand what it means to be
"grown up."

Which led me to want to share an excellent
article by Pamela Levin, an expert in the stages
of adulthood.

I took her Emotional Development 101 course a
couple of years ago, and was fascinated by how the
brain develops in what she calls the "extragenetic
code," meaning what we add to our emotional
development by our experiences and interpretation
of our experiences.

Read "Adulthood: How is This Passage Designed?"

Pamela Levin's Emotional Development 101 course
is now available, and I highly recommend it. You
will not only learn how we develop throughout
life, but how to thrive emotionally through each
stage of life. Go here to find out more about this
fascinating course:

You know I only promote things that will directly
enhance your healing and experience of the Healing
Codes. This course does that, by helping you
understand the natural pattern of emotional
growth, and what to do if you didn't get what you
needed at any stage. As you will see if you take
the course, it's never too late to heal and grow

Many blessings,
Diane Eble
Author, publishing coach, Certified Healing Codes Coach/Practitioner